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Breakthrough Breast Cancer

Treating breast cancer

Different treatments work best for different types of breast cancer. So an accurate diagnosis is very important - it helps your breast care team to work out the best treatment options for you.

Most women with early breast cancer will have more than one treatment and options may include surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, hormone therapy and targeted therapy. The order in which these are given can differ.

Your breast care team will run tests on your breast cancer to learn as much as possible about its characteristics. These tests determine:

  • The type of breast cancer you have
  • Your tumour’s size, whether it has spread into nearby tissues in the breast and armpit, and how fast it is growing – known as staging and grading
  • Whether the cells have specific markers on their surface, which helps to see which treatments will work best – known as receptor testing

Your own circumstances and preferences are also very important in helping to determine the best treatment options for you. Your doctor and breast care nurse will discuss with you the results of your tests and their recommendations for your treatment. They will talk you through any choices there might be for you to make about your care and can help you to make these decisions.

Our pages on treating early breast cancer and treating secondary breast cancer look at the different treatment options available.

Information last reviewed: 21 August 2013

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