Bake cake! Save lives!

Welcome to the biggest Breakthrough Bake Off ever! This year, we’re on a mission to raise as much money as possible to help fight breast cancer. Every single cupcake, scone, flapjack you bake will go towards funding vital research that helps save thousands of lives.

Take a look at who’s been baking, and share photos of your own fabulous creations. And (most importantly!) pay in the cash you’ve raised.

Not hosted your bake off yet? Don’t worry, we have a hints & tips section for inspiration!


Bake Off fundraising kit

Where your money goes

  • £50

    Provides more than 1,000 Touch, Look, Check guides - helping women become aware of the warning signs of breast cancer.

  • £500

    Provides lab equipment for our scientists - vital for their research into cancer cells and making a major breakthrough.

  • £1000

    £1000 pays for decoding and sequencing the DNA in a tumour - allowing our scientists to identify the weaknesses of cancer cells so they can be killed.


Fundraising ideas

  1. Choose a date

    The official bake off day is Friday 17 October, or choose any day in October that suits you.

  2. Display your poster

    Use the poster in your bake off kit to spread the word and get everyone talking about your bake off.

  3. Challenge everyone

    Use the ready-made challenge cards to get your star bakers to join in the fun and rise to the fundraising challenge. Why not use prizes and awards to get everyone’s competitive side going too?

  4. Make it easy

    Those that can’t bake it can fake it with shop-bought treats. Why not have an award for most popular shop-bought treat?

  5. The big day

    Make sure your bake off stall looks fabulous by using all the labels, price tags and stickers included in your kit. Need some more?

Download badges [1.0 MB], challenge cards [1.9 MB], posters [11.3 MB], price tags [895.4 KB] and stickers [993.0 KB] and help promoting your bake off in the press [495 KB].

Handy hints

  • Perfect timing

    Time your bake off to ensure cakes are ready just when people feel peckish. Elevenses or afternoon tea is perfect.

  • Whip up the competition

    It goes without saying that everyone wants to be Queen of Puddings. Whip up the competition by promising prizes for the best bakes.

  • Tea and coffee

    Eating all those sweet treats is thirsty work. How about selling tea, coffee and soft drinks with your bake off to raise even more dough?

  • Travelling bakery

    If you’re in an office or school, take your yummy baked goods around the building to get everyone involved.

Rise to the Challenge

We hope you're inspired and raring to go!
Make sure you sign up to get your fundraising kit.