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New figures show inequalities in breast screening uptake in Scotland


New statistics published today by the Scottish Government show that around a quarter of women in Scotland do not attend breast screening. These statistics also show that there is an inequality in uptake between women in deprived areas and more affluent women.

James Jopling, Scotland Director at leading charity Breakthrough Breast Cancer, said:

“As in previous years, these figures show around a quarter of women do not attend breast screening and in particular women in areas of deprivation.

“This is a consistent theme and we need a fresh approach. Breakthrough is calling on the Scottish Government to consider widening its Detect Cancer Early initiative to include a focus on breast screening as the earlier a breast cancer is detected the better the chance of successful treatment. 

Although not all women will choose to attend breast screening, there is a clear problem if women in deprived areas are less likely to attend than more affluent women. That’s why Breakthrough would like to see NHS Boards work together with the Scottish Government to establish the reasons why women in these areas do not attend screening and to put in place action plans to address this inequality.”