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Breakthrough Breast Cancer

UK breastfeeding report


A new report out today reveals that if half those mothers who currently do not breastfeed were to do so for up to 18 months over their life, there would be 865 fewer cases of breast cancer.

Sally Greenbrook, Senior Policy Officer at Breakthrough Breast Cancer, comments:

“We know breastfeeding slightly reduces the risk of breast cancer and the longer a woman breastfeeds in total, the lower the risk of breast cancer becomes. This report rightly emphasises the importance of the NHS providing support to women who choose to breastfeed.

"The decision whether to breastfeed is very personal and it is important that women do what is right for them and their baby. It is natural for breasts to change during breastfeeding, however we urge women who are breastfeeding to remain breast aware, reporting any unusual changes to their GP as soon as possible.”